The Artist: Inez

The Community: Whitecap Dakota First Nation, SK


About Inez

She laughs as she recalls singing into her hairbrush when she was a child. Inez emerged onto the Canadian music scene in 2006 and has since won critical acclaim. During her time in Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Inez is inspired by the proactive efforts of their leadership to improve the lives of community members, producing a song that evokes images of independence and unity.

Constellations in the Sky

by M. Ballentyne, Inez Jasper

Verse 1
Whose to say
We couldn’t be together
I can see us as one, one ya
Me and you, you too
Oh we’ll make it through
Oh the things we could do, together

Dance the night away
Hit the road like everyday

Not waiting on a spaceship baby
Take me way up high
Reach up and touch the stars and constellations in the sky

Don’t wanna quit ya
Oh I dance on the trail
With my head in the cloud, yeah
But when I come home to you
We share the same dreams too
Oh the things we could do together


You made me love you
You made me want you
I can’t help myself
I wanna know you
I wanna show you
There’s no one else, Yeah

(chorus x2)