The Artist: LightningCloud

The Community: Osoyoos Indian Band, BC


About LightningCloud

LightningCloud is a North American hip hop group based out of Los Angeles, California. The duo consists of Crystle Lightning and MC RedCloud. Crystle Lightning is a Plains Cree/First Nations (Hobbem/Enoch) indigenous woman, and began her show business journey at the tender age of four in Edmonton, Alberta. By the age of nine, Crystle and her family relocated to Hollywood California. A woman of many talents, Crystle Lightning is also a well established DJ. She is one half of the Hollywood DJ Crew "Ladies of The House”. MC RedCloud, from the City of Hawthorne, is an indigenous legend with a highly exalted live performance track record. He has toured consistently with IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, KRS ONE and EVIDENCE. LightningCloud's debut album"LightningCloud" won BEST HIP HOP ALBUM at the 2012 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards and BEST NEW ARTIST in 2013.

O. I. B.

I know a Chief named Clarence Louie

A leader to his people is his call of duty

See him in his customized Harley

Bumpin kid Rock loudly, hair blown feeling really groovy.

I know a kid named Orion Kane

Out of anyone i met he's got the flyest name

Dances traditional and makes it rain

rocks his regalia like a lions mane

I know a man by the name of Sam

He loves to tend the land with his empty hand

in the vineyard all night and day

So you can have a glass of Merlot and Chardonnay

I know a lady named Gloria

One arm but she can work much more than ya

…oh man she's tough.

Defeated the Shushwop at Mckenzie Bluff.

I know a man named Bob

Education of his nation thats his job.

I told him that i liked him a lot

That he was funny and what not, he just said "huh? what?"

I know a snake named Goliath

Enjoys alotta protein in his diet

When your near him you better keep quiet

Tried to pet him but Bob told me not to try it.

I know a man named derek

plays a guitar thats 24 karat

Drives a golf cart, like he's Dale Earnhardt

Cool dude i had to put him in my lyric.

i know a band named Osoyoos

Try to hate but you can't cause its no use.

The best golf course and the best produce

A lot of wine, but not a lot of "cowshoes"


This is how we do it when we go to Okanagan

In the grapevines tryna scare away the robins

Inka Meep creepin i dont really see a problem

You gotta have the salmon when you go to Okanagan.