About Nelson Tagoona

He is an artist who believes in himself and he believes in you too. Nelson Tagoona loves to share his message of hope with young people and at the same time he’ll blow you away with his northern style of beatboxing. We catch up with Nelson in Iqaluit where he reconnects with friends and creates a song that will make you stand tall.

The Guardian

To stand up tall and to stand for your beliefs, to believe in your dream and take things from the heart.

To be passionate for your dream and face your fears. To believe in your dream and face your fears, To have a heart for others, a heart to share, To let go of your pain and set your spirit free. Therefore, I believe.

I stand tall and I believe deep down that no matter what stands in my way and I'm gonna push hard and I'm not gonna let go. I'm gonna stand strong for my beliefs, and I'm gonna stand for others around me 'cause I have dream.

And this dream is, for my spirit to live on forever. And within this inspiring week, I've learnt so many things. And through this life, I'm gonna lift myself higher because I believe in myself and I stand strong. And I really believe you guys could do this too, no matter who you are and where you come from

Because you grab it, you grab your feelings And you take advantage of your heart, You tell your heart that you could pull through even when times get hard. Life is a, life is a roller coaster, but you have to stand strong upon yourself and Stand there for those who don't have the strength.

And although there are times we can't see the sunlight anymore Through the darkness, you have a shine within your heart and you have a dream. So no matter what happens in life, You have to believe because in the long run you could succeed.

I'm gonna share message of hope, because a lot of the times people lose hope, And once someone makes a mistake, they believe that’s it, that’s it. But really it's you telling yourself that’s it, Nobody ever said that, nobody every said that, nobody. So no matter where you are, no matter, no matter where you come from, no matter where You live, believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and stay strong 'Cause life has a lot in store for you, but you need to believe.