The Artist: Samantha Crain

The Community: Eagle Lake First Nation, ON


About Samantha Crain

Her first guitar spent years in the closet before becoming her greatest musical companion. Samantha is of Choctaw heritage from Shawnee Oklahoma, and she has a bug for travel. Her perceptive qualities resonate in her song for the community. In it, you’ll discover a simple message for the young people of Eagle Lake First Nation - “if you will listen”.

Song For Eagle Lake

The water is calm
The water is wide
I will teach you what’s inside
If you will listen

My song is loud
My beat is strong
Here is where your spirit belongs
If you will listen

The land, the shores
That you dance on
Hold them in the highest regard
And listen

The words we spoke before they came,
Took our things and burned them all away
Could you learn and listen?

Oh oh oh oh oh
Carry us on
Oh oh oh oh oh
On this lake front
Oh oh oh oh oh
You are the ones
Our daughters and sons

The thunder brings a beautiful day
I will sing, I will show you today
If you will listen

We have done all this for you
As we have been moved in what to do
Will you listen?