The Artist: Winnipeg Boyz

The Community: Opaskwayak First Nation, MB


About Winnipeg Boyz

Charlie Fettah And Jon-C Are Back At It Again With Their New Project Winnipeg Boyz. After a little hiatus The WINNIPEG BOYZ (Charlie Fettah & Jon-C) Formally known as Winnipeg's Most, Have hit Canada With Their Debut Single "Better Place" Produced By Juno Nominated Producer Stomp, Along with a Video Directed By Jon-C. 
The NEW single has the classic Winnipeg hip hop feel to the whole track. These two Multi Award Winning Artists Charlie Fettah & Jon-C Take You Through Their Past and Present Relationships. Their heartfelt lyrics painting REAL pictures with stories,These two TOP TIER Battleaxe Warriors ARE once again a Threat in Canadian Hip hop. While Again' Gripping The nation with their powerful Sound, Winnipeg Boyz have Canada Waiting On Their Next Release. The New Album Does Not Have a Release Date But TB

Tribute Song for OCN

(Lyrics by Jon C)   Life’s different growing up on A rez Young leaders fight for our future an’ what lies ahead   Generation to generation the elders teach the old ways While the youth still fighting through the cold days   We need to teach em not preech it to em or make em do it They too have it they hearts to get em thru it   Blizzards, out here the people used to em The youth proud that tootoo's made a 3rd movement   Struggle breeds a new building for the children Suicidal thoughts is not a thought its not feeling   It’s a bump in the road and we all need healin You feel it real struggle in buildin   (Lyrics by Charlie Fettah)   Stand up for traditions And fight the contradictions The cultures gone missing Youth fallen to the fiction Blinded by lies forced to break their family ties Hatred is on the rise and we along for the ride It's all about the dollars and less about pride Too many quick to act fast fail to reach a compromise But the Patience must be learned like respect must be earned And if we don't find an understanding we all gonna burn You live once life doesn't have a sequel So live your life right, try to avoid the evil Take care of your family and provide for all your people Cuz nothing gonna change until we see each other as equals   It doesn't matter where you come from or where you went It doesn't matter who you were or where your time was spent What matter is what you do with the time you have ahead Try to be the best you can be until your very last breathe